Keep your property safe with the new fake TV from ERA


The FakeTV from Era is designed to realistically simulate the flickering glare of a television, in order to deter potential intruders and burglars. Studies suggest that 90% of intruders will not enter a property that they believe is occupied, and so the FakeTV gives the impression that there are residents in the house.

The Fake TV from ERA

The Fake TV from ERA


The device gives the effect of TV scene & light changes, light flickering, onscreen motion and light fades with no light or colour pattern repeats. It has a super bright multicolour LED output which is equivalent to that of a standard 27 inch TV, whilst still managing to be eco-friendly, using less power than a night light.


It has a convenient light sensor which can automatically trigger the device to start at dusk, and 2 options of automatic duration (dusk +4 hours and dusk +7 hours). This unit is mains powered and it is supplied complete with a 240V AC adapter.

  • Features
  • Low power consumption
  • Supplied with mains adaptor plug
  • Visual deterrent to intruders
  • Optional timer - 4 or 7 hours on time
  • Realistically simulates the glare of a television, giving the appearance of an occupied house
  • Light sensor to automatically trigger power at dusk
Judith Langdon